Monday, April 18, 2005

People vs Policy

by David U

As we talked about the adulterous woman in John 8 this weekend, we came to the conclusion that this was basically a love story. The love a father has for his daughter. I wonder how many of those men would have been willing to pick up a rock if it had been their daughter that was being drug out and exposed? We know she did have one father there......and he was going to do everything within his power to save her. It was just like you and I would have done for our precious daughter, and I'm guessing any of those men would have done also, if she had been their daughter. The legalist did have the law on their side that day. But they had forgotten one very important thing...........there is a HIGHER law! It's the HIGHEST law there is, and it trumps all others. It's the law of LOVE, and it was there with flesh on it that day. You see, Jesus always picks people over policy. He did it numerous times in his ministry. Remember the guy with the shriveled hand in Mark 3? It's just consistent with who HE is! Love over any other law, people over policy. It drove the legalist mad, to the point in the Mark 3 account that they were looking for ways to kill him. Why? Because he blew up their security net. They had everything figured out, and everything lined up for a "go straight to heaven" card. They were all about themselves. Grace with flesh on it rocked their world, and they were not going to give that security up! They knew about Hezekiah in II Chronicles 30, but out of sight out of mind. Those people in II Chronicles were NOT ceremonial clean according to the Law, but Hezekiah petitioned God on their behalf, and God allowed them to participate in the Passover feast. People over Policy......Love over Law. God ALWAYS chooses us! Jesus ALWAYS chooses us! Any law withstanding.

Should I make application? Are there people picking up rocks in 2005? You know there's just not about adulterous women or men. I'll let you pick it up from there and you can make application in your corner of the world.

I'm just glad he picks me when somebody else wants to throw the book at me. THE book!
In response to that unconditional love, my heart is captured. Just like I am sure her's was.

How about you? :)


Blogger Brandon Moore said...

I use to try and dodge the stones. Duck the right way and you can avoid most of them, but not anymore, now I just let them come, because I know who throws them. It gives me so much joy to think that the only who could, and maybe should, have thrown them didn't! Praise be!

4/19/2005 09:05:00 AM  

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